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Audi Service Repair and Maintenance

CarHavn offers expert Audi service, repair, and maintenance near North Branford, North Haven, New Haven, Hamden, Fairfield, Bridgeport, and the Shoreline - Madison, Old Saybrook, Clinton, Milford and more.

CarHavn is part of VW - Audi's Independent Shop program. We are vetted by VW of America as a licensed repair facility, and have access to the same diagnostic software and technical information as the franchised dealers. We are advanced users of two highly sophisticated diagnostic platforms - ODIS and VCDS. 

Our talented mechanics have extensive experience and training in the complexities of Audi maintenance and repair. However puzzling the issue you have may be, we have probably fixed it before. 

Audi Diagnostics by CarHavn

Seeing the 'Check Engine Light' or 'EPC' lights on the dash? Maybe the 'Add 1 qt. of oil' message is rearing its ugly head? We can help. Audi diagnostics is part art and part science. A regular scan reader is not enogh. Audi has its own propiertary codes, that can only be read and decoded by a specialized diagnostics platform like Audi's own ODIS (the Off-Board Diagnostics Information System) or Ross-Tech's VCDS. We operate both. The 'art' part is interpreting those codes and investingating the specific conditions in your car that need to be corrected for the code to go away.

Audi Timing Chains by CarHavn

Most of Audi's engines require the replacement of the timing system, including chains, tensioners, guides, and pulleys. All 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines will at some point need this service. Neglecting it can lead to irreversible engine damage. The replacement interval is around 80-100K miles. Symptoms of poor timing include: extended cranking times, misfires. engine 'skips', and engine codes related to 'crankshaft/camshaft correlation'.

Audi Transmission Service and Repair

Audi transmissions are marvels of technology - designed in-house. Audi is also smart enough to specify a 50K mile maintenance interval, requiring oil and filter replacement along with differential fluids. We also offer transmission rebuilds. We can replace and reprogram mechatronics units, replace sleeves, clutches and solenoids.

Audi Turbocharger Replacement

Audi has been manufacuting turbocharged engines for decades. They are a clever way to increase engine power - or decrease fuel consumption. They are considered wear items, so your Audi will need its turbo replaced at around 90-120K miles. The classic code is a P0299.

Audi Piston Ring Replacement by CarHavn

One of the worst mistakes Audi made in the mid 2010s was the use of a new, untested material for the piston rings in their engines. Piston rings, which are supposed to seal oil outside the cylinders, allow it to go through instead, causing damage to the engine. Classic symptoms include excessive oil burning, the dreaded and constant 'Add 1 qt. of oil' message on the dash, and misfires and engine hesitation. This is a very labor intensive job, and critical, as the engine may fail if the issue is left unattended. The dealers charge exhorbitant amounts for this job. CarHavn has done hundreds of piston ring replacements, with Audi parts and no issues.

Audi Engine Replacement By CarHavn

Sometimes it's better to replace an engine than to repair it. If the engine issue is severe, it may have compromised internal components like bearings, camshafts, crankshafts, or piston sleeves. An engine replacement is then a more cost-effective and longer-lasting solution. CarHavn has access to many trusted suppliers of recycled engines, which we then rebuild and refresh to our standards. We generally replace oil and coolant gaskets, accessories like pulley tensioners, water and oil pumps, and consumables like spark plugs, coils and of course all fluids. We have seen insane quotes from overpriced franchised dealers. Choose CarHavn for savings in the big jobs!

Audi Maintenance by CarHavn

Audi's recommended maintenance schedule is terrible. The book calls for minor maintenance every 10,000 miles - which is a recipe for disaster. Most specialists like CarHavn recommend service every 5,000 miles or 6 months. That includes a high-quality oil (LiquiMoly is our choice) and filter (MANN is our go-to) and a full inspection.

Audi Brake Service by CarHavn

Audi does not make brake pads, rotors, or sensors. They buy from their supplier (Textar, ATE, or Pagid) and re-brand them. CarHavn's brake service is superior, as we use Zimmerman rotors and Akebono pads and a high-quality sensor (or equivalents). All at a fraction of the overpriced franchised dealer. Upgrade for less!

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