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MINI Cooper Service, Repair and Maintenance

CarHavn offers expert MINI Cooper service, repair, and maintenance near North Branford, North Haven, New Haven, Hamden, Fairfield, Bridgeport, and the Shoreline - Madison, Old Saybrook, Clinton, Milford and more.

With only two overpriced franchised dealers in CT, one in Hartford and the other in Darien, savvy MINI owners turn to CarHavn for top-quality MINI Cooper care.​

As the unofficial 'MINI of New Haven', we have been expertly selling and servicing MINIs since 2015. Our expertise with these pocket rockets is well known in the community, with even the competition sending Hardtops and Countrymen our way when an issue is too much for them to handle.

We service all three generations of MINIs, from the R50/R52/R53 MINIs, to the R56 Hardtop and R60 Countryman, to the latest F56 MINIs. We're very familiar with all engines, from the W10/W11s, to the N12/14/16/18, to the newest B38/48s. We work on transmissions too.

Our talented mechanics have extensive experience and training in the complexities of MINI Cooper maintenance and repair. However puzzling the issue you have may be, we have probably fixed it before. 

MINI Cooper Diagnostics by CarHavn

Your MINI's Check Engine Light is triggered by a huge number of possible issues, or a combination of them. MINI Cooper diagnostics is part art and part science. The science part is solved with technology. A regular scan reader is not enough. BMW/MINI Coopers have their own propiertary codes, that can only be read and decoded by a specialized diagnostics platform like BMW's own ISTA platform or a high-end scanner like an Autologic or iScan platform. We operate them all. The 'art' part is interpreting those codes and investingating the specific conditions in your car that need to be corrected for the code to go away. Here's where our expertise comes in - afer diagnosing hundreds of issues over decades, we have developed organizational knowledge of the most effective repairs.

MINI Timing Chain Replacement by CarHavn

Almost all of the N-series engines have timing chains that won't last over 80K miles. The poor initial deisgn is a well known issue with MINI Hardtops, Clubmen, and Convertibles from 2007-2013, and Countrymen and Pacemen 2011-2016. We have replaced hundreds of these timing chain systems with an updated design from IWIS. This amazing kit has all the chains, guides, tensioners, and bolts needed for a complete timing system refresh. It's a great time to address oil and coolant leaks as well, and save a ton in labor!

MINI Turbocharger Replacement by CarHavn

MINI considers turbos 'wear items'. In our experience, they generally last around 100K miles. Don't overpay for this serivce at the overpriced franchised dealer. As with many components, MINI does not make tubos - they use a great unit from BorgWarner. We use the same part (without the pretty MINI logo) and save you thousands. We have done hundreds of turbo jobs in all types of MINIs.

MINI Transmission Service and Repair by CarHavn

MINI's scheduled maintenance contains a major mistake - its does not include transmission service. ZF, the German company that makes the sophisticated transmission for MINI, recommends service every 50K miles, including filter, fluids, and sleeves. We also service the transfer case, and the front and rear differentials, which have fluids that wear with time. Extend the life of your transmission and xDrive system with this vital preventive service!

MINI Engine Replacement By CarHavn

Sometimes it's better to replace an engine than to repair it. If the engine issue is severe, it may have compromised internal components like bearings, camshafts, crankshafts, or piston sleeves. An engine replacement is then a more cost-effective and longer-lasting solution. A leading cause of MINI engine failure is overheating,. Sadly, MINIs do not have a temperature gauge, and the overheating warning message many times comes too late. In an overheating situation, an engine swap is the recommended course of action. CarHavn has access to many trusted suppliers of recycled engines, which we then rebuild and refresh to our standards. We generally replace oil and coolant gaskets, accessories like pulley tensioners, water and oil pumps, and consumables like spark plugs, coils and of course all fluids. We have seen truly insane quotes from overpriced franchised dealers. Choose CarHavn for savings in the big jobs!

MINI Clutch Replacement by CarHavn

True MINI fans drive stick shifts. Not only are they the most fun to drive, but also lighter (as a manual gearbox weights a fraction of its automatic counterpart) and generally longer lasting. We have seen the crazy quotes at the overpriced franchised dealers. Get the same quality for less. MINI does not make clutches or flywheels - they buy them from SACHS or Valeo. We use the same kits (sans the MINI logo) and have successfully completed dozens of clutch jobs.

MINI Maintenance by CarHavn

MINI's CBS (Condition Based Service) recommended maintenance schedule is terrible. The car will turn on the Service indicator for oil service 10,000 miles approximately - which is a recipe for disaster. Most specialists like CarHavn recommend service every 5,000 miles or 6 months. That includes a high-quality oil (LiquiMoly is our choice) and filter (MANN is our go-to) and a full inspection. Don't be penny-wise and dollar foolish - protect your engine with regular LiquiMoly oil service.

MINI Brake Service by CarHavn

MINI does not make brake pads, rotors, or sensors. They buy from their supplier (Textar, ATE, or Pagid) and re-brand them. CarHavn's brake service is superior, as we use Zimmerman rotors and Akebono pads and a high-quality sensor (or equivalents). All at a fraction of the overpriced franchised dealer. Upgrade for less!

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