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The Right Audi Repair Starts with the Right Diagnostic

Part of The Specialist Edge - our short series exploring why an independent Audi specialist like CarHavn is a smart choice.

Whenever an issue arises in your Audi, be it a strange noise, a check engine light, an EPC light or a fluid leak, you have options as to where to repair. One is the dealer, another is a generalist shop, and another is an independent specialist like CarHavn.

The spectrum goes from high technical competence and very high prices (the dealer), to very little competence and low prices (a generalist). Our perspective is that the smart choice is an independent specialist like CarHavn, where our reasonable prices and quality give you the best bang for the buck.

Diagnostics: The First Specialist Edge

A main area where CarHavn excels is diagnostics. You see, three factors drive our ability to diagnose better:

  1. Experience. We see a lot of Audis, so whatever issue you are experiencing, chances are we've already seen, researched, and solved it.

  2. Equipment. Audis have always been complex and beautiful. To diagnose them correctly the right software is a must. A generic OBD2 scanner is not enough - they just don't have the databases needed to interpret the codes and see the trends that Audi's ODIS platform has.

  3. Technician. Our techs attend frequent Audi-specific training sessions, where experts discuss new diagnostic techniques, issues, and improvements seen at the national level. Many times we learn of issues ahead of time, so by the time a customer shows up with that issue, we look at each other and say - hey, we just learned about this!

ODIS - The Off-board Diagnostics Information System

ODIS is the official VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) software platform that CarHavn and franchised dealers use to diagnose Audis. It is frequently updated to address the latest issues found worldwide, and can not only read codes, but also provide diagnostic plans that aid in precise and effective repairs.

ODIS can also program and code electronic modules with the correct and official latest software files for your Audi. This is invaluable when replacing almost every major component such as an engine, transmission, steering rack, and more.

We have licensed ODIS from VW of America for many years, and even though it's pretty expensive, it gives us capabilities that few Euro shops have. We have deep expertise in its use!

An example is this gorgeous 2018 A4, a B9 chassis code. She came to us with an undiagnosed issue that a generalist shop could not find. There was a mysterious EPC light on the dash, and intermittent low coolant warnings on the dash. The previous generalist shop had installed a low-quality water pump and coolant sensor. ODIS indicated the water pump was bad, and also the engine computer had to be upgraded. We did both things - and voilá - issue solved.

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