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Audi quattro Service - Beyond the Transmission

If you've been following us, you know how big we are on transmission service.

Think about it - similar to your engine, the transmission has a bunch of gear spinning at incredible speeds in a bath of oil. No oil in the world last forever - it simply loses its lubricant properties over time. There are also two other components in your Audi transmission that need frequent attention:

- The transmission filter, which (like every filter known to mankind) collects impurities and needs to be replaced.

- The magnets in the transmission pan, which collect the micro particles of metal that your transmission sheds as part of its normal operation.

Audi, unlike BMW, has the good sense of recommending transmission service every 50K miles. Audi dealers SOMETIMES offer this service, but ours is superior.


Because we replace fluids in ALL the gearboxes that make up the quattro system: transmission (fluid and filter), transfer case, and rear and front differentials (if applicable, some Audis do not have serviceable front diffs).

This is a beautiful Q3 getting its gearboxes serviced. You can see we use high quality LiquiMoly and MOTUL fluids, and MEYLE filters.

Call a friendly Service Advisor today to discuss your Audi Maintenance+ needs!

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