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BMW Transmission Service - ZF GA8HP Edition

One of the most unfortunate mistakes in BMW's maintenance schedule is the omission of regular transmission service.

You see, your BMW transmission (manufactured by ZF) is a true marvel of engineering, with dozens of finely calibrated gears running in a bath of oil, all coordinated by a cool computer called the Mechatronics. Kind of like an engine, yeah? So why would anybody in their right mind NOT change that oil and filter at frequent intervals?

At a recent technical course offered by ZF, the trainer said ZF was baffled by BMW's recommendation of a 'lifetime fill'. The said ZF sells fluid and filters, and certainly recommends replacing them every 50K miles or 8 years, whatever comes first.

The same goes for the transfer case and differentials - they are essentially gears running in oil, so those boxes need service also.

See for yourself. This is old transmission oil, coming from the transmission pan. See how thin and dirt it is? It has clearly lived a hard life, and lost all lubrication and protection properties.

Please note that to carry out this process correctly, you need to have a factory scan tool to properly fill the boxes.

Here is a beautiful 750i xDrive getting a new transmission filter, fluid, transfer case fluid, and front and rear differential fluid.

Call us to discuss and schedule this service, or schedule online below!

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