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Euro Electronic Module Replacement and Programming

All modern cars rely on electronics. That’s a blessing and a curse – electronics make our cars safer, more fuel efficient, and better performing than ever before, but the level of complexity has grown exponentially.

Inevitably, some of these modules will fail. And Euro manufacturers, in order to protect against theft, have implemented some form of 'component protection' - making it impossible to transplant a used module from another car and just slap it in place of another.

Whether it's a new module or a re-built one, all modules will need to be programmed once they are installed in the vehicle. The typical Euro car has dozens of modules - we can program them all. Some include:

  • BMW/MINI: Footwell module, Mechatronics (Transmission Control Module), Engine Control Module, Climate Control Module, Car Access Module (CAS), Immobilizer

  • Audi/VW: Body Control Module, Engine Control Module, Emissions Control Module, Immobilizer, Power Steering Module, and a myriad more

  • Jaguar/Land Rover: Powertrain Control Computer, Transmission Control Module, All-Terrain Control Module, Air Suspension Module, Car Access Module.

The software upgrade process is delicate, and needs to be done carefully and only with the exact laptop from the manufacturer. We run licensed software for BMW/MINI, Volkswagen/Audi, and Jaguar/Land-Rover. Call our shop to learn more.

Make an appointment, or call us today - we'll be glad to assist.

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