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MINI Cooper Clutch Replacement by CarHavn

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

One of the nicest features in any MINI is the manual transmission. While they also come with an automatic, the true fun MINI experience entails shifting gears. The only downside is that manual clutch components wear out, and need to be replaced. How often you ask? Depends on your driving habits, but savvy motorists can make a manual clutch last up to 100K miles.

The dealer charges a small fortune to replace a clutch. They use overpriced kits manufactured by Sachs or Valeo (MINI does not make clutches), in pretty MINI boxes. We use the same factory parts, minus the label, for the same premium experience.

This is a pretty big job, as the transmission needs to come out and get separated from the engine. This work is needed as the clutch sits in between the engine and transmission.

We replace:

  • Clutch pressure plate

  • Flywheel

  • All ancillary bolts and screws

  • Slave and master cylinder, as needed

  • Gear oil

Of note here - MINI does not make clutch parts. They buy them from either Sachs or Valeo - companies that make clutch parts for many manufacturers. Those are the parts we use, to give you a factory feel in this repair.

We have seen truly crazy pricing for this service at the local dealers. Ditch the Dealer, Keep the Quality!

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