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Upgrade for Less - Better Parts

Specialist labor is half the equation. Without the perfect part no repair will last long.

We at CarHavn believe in the idea of 'upgrade for less'. You see, even though Service Advisors at the franchised dealers are trained to put down 'aftermarket' parts, the reality is that major manufacturers don't make every part. BMW does not make spark plugs - they buy them from BOSCH. Audi does not make brake pads - they buy them from Textar or ATE. Many of the parts we use in our daily work are in fact superior to the ones used at the factory - yet they cost less.

Some of the most popular high-quality aftermarket brands we use are:

  • Lemforder control arms, bushings, links, and other suspension

  • ZF transmission filters and fluids - they MAKE the transmission

  • Akebono brake pads and Zimmerman z-coated rotors

  • BOSCH and NGK spark plugs and coils

  • SACHS clutch and flywheel kits

If you prefer original parts, we match parts pricing from the franchised dealer. In fact, with our volume discount, we can probably get you a better price.

Either way, OE or high-quality aftermarket - you win.

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